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Saturday, 3/23/2019
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Sabina Hank feat. Bob Mintzer
Music in a Mirror

The new album from Sabina Hank is an absolute must-have for all friends of Vocal Jazz. In ten of her new compositions the artist captivates the listener with a mixture of Jazz, Acoustic Pop, Intellectual Blues and Modern Mainstream. rammy-Award-Winner Bob Mintzer is featured on this CD by the Sabina Hank Quartet. »

Digital Movie Production

Since 1999 M-IT motion picture acts as a competent and creative partner for private and business customers in the following areas of digital movie making:

  • Production
  • Editing
  • Sound recording and dubbing
  • Titling
  • Special effects
  • Mastering and pre-production
  • Series production
  • Preparation for online-media
The offered portfolio focuses on different aspects like

  • Recordings of concerts
  • Documentation of events
  • Video clips
  • Demo-Recordings (Portraits of artists, self presentations)
  • Advertisements for television and web
Packages with special conditions are offered for the creation of demo-recordings and self presentations of artists!

Modern state-of-the-art equipment, which guarantees best audio- and video-quality, is used for building and preparing new productions. The available equipment can be used in- and outdoors.

The recorded sound and pictures is composed to an optimal result in non-linear cutting-sessions following the customers’ wishes. Multiple asynchronous sound recordings from different sources are used for assembling an impressive sound track.

High flexibility and experience with parallel sound recording, editing and synchronisation lead to M-IT motion picture’s specialization on concert recording and documentation.

Lead texts, credits, trailers, titles as well as digital special effects are created in house as desired by the customer. M-IT motion picture is offering extensive consulting and support including illustrative visualization in all offered areas. For the project tasks related to digital arts this additional help is of high value for customers, especially those who have less experience with the film business.

M-IT motion picture supports the delivery on DVD, CD (all formats including CD-Extra, CD-Text and (Super-)Video-CD), VHS, DV as final media as well as the preparation of the material for an online release (audio- and video-streams, MP3). M-IT is able to handle the complete production chain starting with the movie production, over website creation and upload of the clips up to continued server operation.

Employees of M-IT motion picture are always happy to answer questions and handle service requests related to live-casts (streaming).

Other offerings from M-IT motion picture are the preparation and production of media including packaging and printing. Editions are produced in house (limited series) or passed to external partners (mass production), depending on the quantity and resulting cost-effective manufacturing variant.

M-IT motion picture looks forward to get in contact with you to provide you with additional information!
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